Mini Golf Competition in Guba

Mini Golf Competition in Guba

The Mini Golf Competition is the perfect opportunity for non-professionals!

The competition includes 2 stages:

The first consists of taking shots in teams of 3-4 players. Each team will be given a set of golf clubs and 75 (1 basket) golf balls. The golf instructor will explain the rules and then you’ll go ahead and take your shots.

The second stage consists of a 9-hole competition in which each team will have 4 golf balls and 1 golf club. The final competition takes place between the 2 winners from each team.


The awards:

I place: 75 shots (coupon) + present (bag tag)

II place: 25 shots (coupon) + present (bag tag)

III place: 15 shots (coupon) + present (bag tag) 


Minimum required number of participants: 4

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