Dreamland Golf Club Azerbaijan

Dreamland Golf Club Azerbaijan

Posted on 11 October 2019 , 10:43

The Dreamland golf course is an 18 hole Cynthia Dye masterpiece golf course providing a premium tournament golf experience with a refreshing Mediterranean feel in the Caucasus. Having designed numerous world-renowned courses in Europe and Asia, Dye’s design philosophy is to enhance golf course architecture and strategy through sound design principles.

At Dreamland, special consideration has been given to Azerbaijan in creating a course that incorporates the intricacies of the game and the demand for playability, in our attempts to develop golf as a nationally-recognized sport.

Fairways: 14.64 Ha

Driving Range: 4.03Ha (including a short par 3 academy course)

Greens: 22 greens (including practice putting and chipping) average size being 509.091 m2: 1.12 Ha

Total rough: 40.14 hectares

Tees: 0.570 Ha

Bunkers: 1.8501

Total grassed area of Dreamland Golf Club: 66.83 Ha

Lakes: 7.82 Ha (9 manmade lakes) gravity-fed and all balanced to the same water height

We were delighted to offer a very modern state of the art Golf Academy building, with two floors, a café & kitchen, retail outlet and office space in addition to the bays and two IMG Performance Studio’s. The glass backed upper floor allows for all year round practise whatever the weather has in store. The academy greens are constructed with a 30/30/30 mix of 007, Southshore and Seaside 2 Bentgrass, this has created a fantastic contrast against the rest of the range so players have clearly defined targets.

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