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Golf Clubs

Discover new golf courses in Azerbaijan

Although Azerbaijan is a new spot on the golf map, it clearly has a prosperous future. Always in incredible condition, both of our courses are also easily accessible and offer unique opportunities as much for professionals as for those new to golf.

Dreamland Golf Club Azerbaijan

The Dreamland golf course is an 18 hole Cynthia Dye masterpiece golf course providing a premium tournament golf experience with a refreshing Mediterranean feel in the Caucasus

Baku, Azerbaijan

The National Golf Club Azerbaijan

Located in the stunning countryside of Guba in north-eastern Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Golf Club is nestled amid natural forests near the stunning Caucasus Mountains.

Guba, Azerbaijan

Golf Tours

Extend your trip by visiting Azerbaijan's emerging golf courses

Travelling to play golf or eager to experience new activities? Playing golf at state-of-the-art clubs in Baku and Guba would be an unforgettable addition to your itinerary. You can select from the following options to create your dream trip to Azerbaijan:

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Golf Events

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy golf

You can join different scaled golf events including tournaments, competitions and championships held in Azerbaijan. Discover these great options below:

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Golf News

Follow the latest golf news in Azerbaijan. Here you can learn more about past events, what’s new in the world of golf and our future plans.

The Champions of Azerbaijan Open 2021

The Champions of Azerbaijan Open 2021

13 October 2021 , 15:41

Golf tourism is reviving

Golf tourism is reviving

13 October 2021 , 15:28

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